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These pages represent over fifty years of learning in mythology, linguistics, art, world building, herbology, gardening, tarot writing, arecheoastronomy, and more. Please select the links below to explore some of this learning.

Tarot page


We currently have two decks available. The Anieth Deck is meant to go with the books, is a deck based on the mythology of Northern Europe, has five suits and is full of druidic imagery. The other deck has no human images. The tarot pages here reflect a new way to look at the tarot based on the four-fold way of magic that is prevalent all over the Indo-European world. This way of looking at the tarot is different than that of the Golden Dawn who based their mythology on the Levant, Greek and Egyptian mythology. For anyone serious about the tarot, divination in general, or any Wiccan or Druidic studies, these pages are a wonderful alternative to the Golden Dawn.

The four-fold way is common throughout Indo-European folklore, even in the suits of cards. . .  READ MORE & VIEW DECKS:


Tales of Anieth - Graphic Novel Series

We also have six books of the thirteen book graphic novel series: The Tales of Anieth, available in print form, online, or in e-book form. The novels are set in an alternative Europe about the time of Stonehenge, filled with the old magic of ancient tales. Done in a marvelous style called "Western Manga" these books are suitable for ages 12 and up. The background material is vast, from ancient ways of making shoes, to herbal recipes, to studies about ancient star calendars. All this work is based on the mythology and technology of Bronze Age Europe. The stories are well-written adventures, fast paced, but meant to be re-read and savored. The Tales of Anieth follows the history of three generations of witches who oppose the might of the Zelosian Empire commanded by the Gallanis brothers. . .  READ MORE & VIEW BOOKS:


A.R. Stone - Illustration and Instruction

I do art, lots of art. As an illustrator, I draw anything, but my style is mostly realistic. I was classically trained in the John Singer Sargent lineage, which involves traditional red chalk, macchia (this picture) and oil glaze. I also do watercolor (above), pastel, colored pencil, and digital color over pencil. Here on my pages, you can link to art instruction as well as my portfolio. Most of the instruction is real instruction, problems with lighting, how to understand what to leave out in drawing, how to draw fast, and problems in anatomy and accuracy in perspective. I do about 300 drawings a year or more.

Part of the difficulty in doing art in the poor art instruction. There are wonderful books on emotive drawing and a bit on how to draw cartoons, but not much available in turning out professional work for illustration or digital storyboarding and working with computer art programs. We all start in the same place. When I first knew I wanted to illustrate my own books, I drew a person who had the sideways eye that you see in Egyptian art. I had problems finding instruction. Life got in the way. But here, today, you can see that my skills are now professional. . .  INSTRUCTION PAGES AND ART PORTFOLIO:

Chariot Race

Tales of Anieth - Life in Bronze Age Europe

One of the things that many kids enjoy about the graphic novels is that they are "real." These books are a historically accurate picture of life in the Bronze Age in Northwestern Europe. Although the series is set on an alternative Earth, every detail is as if they are depictions of life in 1700BCE. This link is to a hundred articles on all aspects of life during this time. There are articles about verbal math, and the constellations of ancient Europe. There are recipes and instruction in the use of ancient plants. There are articles about clothing, making houses and articles about chariots, tools and weapons. There are also many articles on alternative politics based on old Celtic and Norse confederacies. There are articles on the various forms of verbal mnemonics in poetry and music and articles about cartography and agriculture.

In writing these books, I wanted to also give people the idea that technology did not begin with the Greeks. Recent findings in Europe point to technological developments going both ways as people traveled back and forth across the ancient world. . .  READ MORE:

Western Way

The Western Way - Spiritual Practices of Ancient Europe

When I was young, I wanted magic to be real. I longed for the "missing piece" in our lives that was more than fantasy novels offered. Fairy tales hinted at patterns in life that were more complex than what we saw around us. By the time I was in high school I was doing independent study evaluating myths that were behind modern English Fantasy. Most people now know that much of Tolkien's work was to deliberately update European myths, but where did those myths come from? In studying the White Goddess, by Robert Graves and realizing that he failed in some of his findings because he did not speak Gaelic and was versed instead in Greek mythology, I continued my studies, gradually coming up with the Western Way of Magic, which is a five book series of four magical paths for the student of European spirituality and a book called Axis Mundi, about stellar myths and how they related to cycle tales such as the Ragnarok. For anyone desiring to follow a Wiccan or Druidic path, or anyone wanting to connect vampires and black cats with real spiritual practice, these pages offer what is behind the four schools at Hogwarts.  READ MORE:

Tarot Game

Online Tarot Game

There is a beautiful tarot game up at Sygkrafeas Publishing that is one of the only online tarot games that works well. You can load in your own cards with meanings, view all of our cards, do multiple spreads, design your own spreads, and throw the cards as many times as you like.  SEE GAME:


The Edible Eden - Eat Your Yard!

My hobby is gardening. I am an amateur herbalist and a master gardener. I've been on a raw food diet for fifteen years which has helped with every health problem I had. I currently have an urban cottage garden where I mix vegetable and fruits with flowers in my front yard. I have gardened everywhere from high country Colorado to Florida and have written a number of articles about gardening "outside the zone." I also garden for my own food and I'm not rich.

Part of my politics is "start at home." There is no reason why anyone should be hungry except for the economics and politics of our species. So begin at home with a garden. I've put in gardens at almost every rental I've had, even when I moved every year or so. I've even gardened in tubs when I knew I had to move. It's a pain, yes, but saving thousands of dollars in produce every year and sharing with my friends is satisfying.  READ MORE:


Plot and Story Archetypes

I've been to hundreds of hours of writing instruction and groups and no one could tell me much about how to make a plot. You hear "beginning, middle, end," and "dark moment" but not much else. It was only when I was studying early European mythology and reading the works of Joseph Campbell that a light when off in my head. Joseph Campbell wrote a book about the "hero's journey" that was so popular that Hollywood picked it up and ceased doing any other plot. This is a nightmare for the writer. These pages cover plot, but also lead to other articles about writing, including read characterization and deeper levels of story.

I have found the complete cycles for four myth archetypes in Indo-European story telling, including the full cycle of the hero's journey, only found in in the complete first six Star Wars movies. Not only are these four archetypes valid spiritual paths found in fantasy stories like Harry Potter, but they have their own story structures. This map fits the current "ghetto" fiction categories. . .  READ MORE: