The Players on Earth

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In all discussions of Anieth, we must begin on Earth with a group of people re-enacting an invasion on what was assumed to be an alternative Earth at the time of Crete and Babylon, about 1700BCE. Imagine, if you will, that the early Persians (Akkadians and Hittites) were not stopped at Greece and in the Slavic countries by the Scythians, but went on to conquer all of Europe as well as the entire Middle East. Much of this history is discussed by my cousins on the History pages. Yet, it is important here, because of the re-enactment.

Main Families

It important to know of the Earth relationship to understand the relationships in Anieth. Why? Because, initially, the players remembered who they were on Earth, even though they were in the minds (and bodies) of the characters they chose to be in Anieth. Even after Lucia Shields broke the Gate and everyone lost their memories of Earth, players continued to act on a subconscious level, hating or liking those that they had hated and liked on Earth. It was very much like you would find in any SCA group or re-enactment group or theatre group or band where the politics of the group affected play. For instance, if two men wanted the same woman among the players, in Anieth they would find and fight over that woman, despite being hundreds of miles apart. Even personalities influenced characters, not only because the players chose characters that "suited" them, but because the characters were subtly influenced by the personalities of the players even after Lucia broke the gate.

However, this is not a discussion of politics, but articles designed to help you get a grasp on the people involved in our re-enactment.

Main Families

I'm going to try to walk through this slowly. These are the three main families. The Shields were siblings. Peter was the oldest and he inherited the property from his uncle. Marion was close to him in age, five years his junior. Lucia was much younger and had a different mother.

The two Stanfords here are cousins. There is a third Stanford who did not join us, but was the parent of the younger generation of Stanfords who joined into the Game when they were old enough. Mark Stanford was married to Marion Shields. I, Karen, was married to Peter Shields's best friend, Bob Gallanis.

Theron Abernathy was a friend of the Greshenkos. He had also studied under Alexei and was of the same generation as Bob Gallanis and Peter Shields, but a friend of Michali Greshenko.

The Greshenkos were the old father, Alexei, who had been the professor of Peter and Bob in college. His son, Michali joined him in the explorations of Anieth. Michali, or Mishka, as we called him, buried his father in Anieth. His wife, Raissa, joined us in playing the Game.

Main Families

The second generation were kids who were born in the fifties and sixties who had grown up with the game and entered into play as they became old enough. They followed the prejudices of their parents except in the case of Diana Gallanis, who was dragged into the game on a dare she made to try to torment Edna and Sasha. Charles Stanford was Bob and Karen's son in Anieth, Brian was Theron's son in Anieth, and Sasha was Mishka and Raissa's son in Anieth.

Main Families

In this diagram, I have tried to show the basic prejudices of all the players. Geoff Martín was the best friend of Brian Abernathy and went to the same local school as the Abernathy boys. He was adopted into their family when they lived on the Shields's estate. Gundrid Frejasdattur was a friend of Susan Stanford, who was also an amateur astronomer. Tim White was a friend of Peter and Bob who died at the end of the seventh game. And, Thomas Angelini was a drifter who came to visit Bob Gallanis and Peter Shields and was recruited by Lucia Shields.

The exempt category is for those of the players who did not get to take on characters in Anieth, nor did they lose their memories when Lucia broke the gate. Edna Shields, who was the daughter of Lucia Shields, was obvious since her mother was exempt, yet why Peter and Lucia were exempt in the first place and Marion not is a mystery. Most everyone else allied in the Game along family lines: the Greshenkos and their friends, the Abernathys as shape shifters in the Wood; the Stanfords and their friends as kings, queens and eolas of the Horse People, and Bob Gallanis by himself as the sole Zelosian. Although Thomas Angelini played a Zelosian, he was on the side of the Clans with Lucia against Bob Gallanis. However, in Anieth, Thomas's character was the adopted brother of Bob's character.

It was a joke among the Stanfords that most of them played characters from one family, (the Moon Nation) with the exception of Karen, Mark and Chas who were of the Sun Nation, and Marion and Tim who were of the Star Nation. Gundrid played a prince of the Rose Nation, yet her character was related to the Moon Nation. Mark married Marion in the Game as well as on Earth, and Karen married Bob also in the Game. Our guess is that the prejudices of the players for certain elements of culture, forced them into roles that reinforced and were aligned psychologically with their morals and ethics.

Main Families

This image is a bit more complex. You will note first that we put in the character names played by the family members. A few notes, if you will. Peter was very definitely on the side of the Zelosians with Bob Gallanis although he voiced that he was neutral. Edna, although neutral, was involved with Tré:an Alonrach in Anieth. Thomas Angelini, although a Zelosian and the adopted brother of the Gallanis family, officially married into the Gwaranaccii, was in love with the daughter of Lucia and a Rowan man, and was officially, and in his heart, very neutral. Lucia was not. She married into the Rowan Clan. Alexei senior, although never playing a character, was buried at his son's house in Rowan country. This is why the four Greshenkos are lumped here. Even though animal shapers, they were protected by and lived among the Rowan. It should be known that Lucia had twins. Her Earth daughter was Edna Shields, but her Anieth Daughter, was Iní:n Eilit. Lucia broke the gate and gave birth in both places at once, or so it is said, for she said nothing of it.

Go on to read about the families among the Horse People. I have also included here the article on Cycles and Generations, which illustrates again the positions of the different Nations of the Horse People. There is much more on the Politics page, and more about the Clans of the Wood on the Clans page.

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