Anieth - A Cast List

Players and their Characters

Coombe Charria

There are many characters who play roles in Anieth. The players almost always played the same characters, so I have included their names in with their characters. Rather than have this alphabetical, I have done it by grouping, beginning with Zelosians, going through the four families of the Horse People and their patron Clans.

You will find the Holly with the Veldonaccii, the Rowan with the Riaffaccii, the Thorn with the Gwaranaccii, and the Ash with the Druaccii. Then I go on to talk about Clans and peoples who are not related to the above four families.



Peter Shields

Peter was a college dropout, living in New York. In 1962, he inherited a large property from an uncle he never knew he had. The property consisted of a dilapidated Victorian house with two cottages in the back of it, all surrounded by large gardens. Peter, in his explorations, also found a maze, something he thought to be another Victorian folly. He was talking to his old professor friend, Alexei Greshenko, too whom he described the maze. Alexei was excited, so excited, that he came out to see the maze for himself.

During explorations of the maze, they learned that it was a gateway to another world. Peter felt that the world had been designed for him, for he was fascinated with Pre-historic Europe and the Celts. He recruited several of his friends and his sisters to explore with him. They learned that the world would "end" when the Zelosians invaded the Wood of Anieth and conquered a place called An Doras.

Peter Shields spent over eighty years in Anieth, the Earth equivalent of ten years. He compiled dictionaries, did studies of the cultures, and mapped out the world. When his little sister broke the Gate between the worlds and trapped the players in Anieth, Peter mounted several rescue attempts. He would often appear in Earth clothing to try to help his friends remember who they were. Most of them had forgotten Earth and remembered only the lives of their characters.


Lucia Shields

Perhaps more important to Anieth was Lucia Shields who was only ten when she began to go to that world. Peter was her guardian and it was natural that she should join him. Although the world was dangerous, any player who died found himself back on Earth. After the Zelosian Invasion, which usually took six years of Anieth time and three weeks Earth time, the Game would "reset." The characters would be the same when the players returned to Anieth however long they waited on Earth. The key was the taking of An Doras, the maze equivalent, deep in the heart of the Woods of Anieth.

Lucia Shields despised and hated what she thought was the arrogant position of her brother and his best friend, Bob Gallanis. They both assumed that Anieth should progress along the lines that Europe progressed on Earth. Confederations would fall to Empires, villages become cities, and men would use natural resources for technological advance. She led the opposing side of shape shifters who sought to oppose the incursion of humans into the Wood. To oppose Bob Gallanis, she recruited Thomas Angelini to play Bob's brother in Anieth to fight the Zelosians from the inside of their camp.

In 1969, after a failure with Nick Stanford, who had not the strength to fully oppose Bob Gallanis, Lucia coordinated another effort with Nick and Leo Stanford. She realized that Nick Stanford had not had a good experience in Anieth. She recruited his help to change the Game by sending Nick into Anieth twenty-two years before the Game officially began. She wanted him to make his character change the history of Anieth.

She herself entered into the Game and fell in love and broke the Gate to allow her daughter a chance to live out a full life. Rather than having one daughter grow up in Anieth, she had two daughters, twins, or maybe different versions of the same person. At the time she broke the Gate, Lucia vanished. However, many players saw her and knew her presence throughout the world.


Marion Shields-Stanford

Marion Shields Stanford - Morga Riaffacca, Black Lynx Queen

Marion was a reluctant player. She had married one of Pete's friends, Mark Stanford, and went to Anieth because they did. She was less interested in the game than either Peter or Mark. She did not take well to Bob Gallanis falling in love with her, for she was friends with his wife, Karen. She tired of Mark and Bob fighting it out over her every time in Anieth, where Bob's character, Marsyas, often killed or had killed Mark's character, Duvan Adruacc. Even when Mark and Marion switched roles in 1969, Bob killed her (as Duvan) with such relish that it was obvious that he was venting frustration. She was very wild, and when driving to the mansion to see the eclipse in March of 1970 picked up a hitch-hiker, fulling intending to go on to New York with him and quit the game altogether.

After Thomas Angelini disappeared with Mark and Bob, Marion refused to play the Game, and only relented her daughter was lost there during a summer vacation when Diana was visiting. Marion had taken in Edna Shields when Lucia vanished, and the girls, Edna and Diana, hated each other. Diana got Edna to go to Anieth on a dare and was lost herself. Marion came to the Shields's estate, prepared to have Peter locked up, but realized that the situation was very serious. Most of the players were stuck in Anieth without any memory of how to get back out. Marion accompanied Peter, but had not the strength to hold onto her Earth memories. Again she became Morga Riaffacca, married Duvan Adruacc, who was again murdered by Marsyas Gallanis. - Books - Rivenskin, The Quicken King


Robert Gallanis

Robert Gallanis - Adon Marsyas o Gallanis, Commander, Decian League

Bob knew that he had to play the role of Marsyas o Gallanis because he had the same last name. Marsyas, in his opinion, was a hero of the old school. Marsyas was a self-made man, the son of the middle-class farmer. Marsyas had risen up through the army to command the Decian League and conquer Anieth. He saw Marsyas as a kind of Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great. Bob made it his task to train up all the players to the hardships of Anieth.

Although they would mentally inhabit the bodies and minds of the characters they chose, Bob believed strongly that they must be able to do justice to their characters and not just "go along for the ride." This meant learning their languages, training in their fields of expertise, even in making notes from past experiences and learning to work better within their characters.

Bob oversaw also the training of the children of the players, in particular the Stanfords, his wife's nieces and nephews. He loved Anieth and loved preparing for the Game, talking the Game and going over strategy. His wife, Karen, was his equal on Earth and in Anieth, and they considered Anieth to be their real life. He was also ruthless with their son, Chas, and alienated him with his constant criticism and rigorous practices.

After years of gaming, Bob opposed anyone entering Anieth unless they could pass several tests, physical and mental. He opposed the entry of the twins, Nick and Leo based on his findings that Nick was too soft and weak-minded to effectively control his character. Bob never understood Lucia's opposition to him, but considered her a "hippie" and hated her splitting the group into camps. When he discovered her trick, he was furious and rushed headlong into the Game to try to undo Nick's desertion only to lose his memory. - Books - Drakkis, Thorn, Rivenskin


Thomas Angelini

Thomas Angelini - Korutos Heros le Dysanon o Gallanis

In the Game of spring 1970, Lucia convinced Thomas Angelini, who had caught a lift from Marion to see the eclipse, to oppose Bob/Marsyas from inside the Gallanis family. Thomas was to play the younger adopted brother, Korutos, who had been the son of the previous commander of the Decian League. Lucia hoped that he could cause enough havoc within the Zelosian camp to disable them before they could turn the traitor king, Raol Aveldonacc, and march up to An Doras from the south. She hoped to convince Thomas as Korutos, that he could bring stability and peace to the area without destroying Anieth.

The last trip to Anieth in 1970 basically covered the lifespan of Korutos. Korutos became a pivotal character as he had to take command after Marsyas disappeared when fighting Ula Druacca at the battle that destroyed the Horse People. Even with Raol still defecting to the Zelosian camp, Korutos was able to oppose Marsyas for the next two decades. Thomas did not know he was lost inside of Korutos, yet he met Lucia on several occasions and sometimes understood her speaking English and sometimes not. Korutos tried at one point to retire to the Wood with Lucia's daughter, but was thrown into An Doras, where Lucia was able to send him back to the Zelosians in order to stay opposite Marsyas.

Korutos was again put at risk when Lucia's granddaughter appeared on the scene and he was accused of being her father after she was thrown at him to undermine his power as the Maker of the Peace. This was done by Karen Stanford Gallanis as an act of revenge on behalf of her husband, the late Marsyas. Karen spent most of her time in Anieth trying to undermine all of Korutos's attempts to keep the peace between Zelosia, what was left of the Horse People and the Clans. Lucia's granddaughter ended up giving Korutos a way to win through for the Clans through her marriage to him. Thus Lucia's plan ultimately foiled Marsyas (Bob) enough that the Clans were better organized when he attacked An Doras.

Those of Anieth who could see the future, saw the Game as a maelstrom event that they called "the hunllef" or the nightmare. Some of the best seers could determine whether the life thread of any one person came out of the maelstrom on the other side. All threads of everyone in Anieth spun into this vortex, but only a few came out the other side. Early on, Lucia, her daughter, her granddaughter, and Korutos were recognized as strong threads of this maelstrom. They were feared and often shunned for their part in the hunllef. - Books - Drakkis, Thorn, Rivenskin


Nicholas Stanford

Nick Stanford - Raol Aveldonacc, White Wolf Prince, Red Ash King, Green Briar King, died, when back to Anieth as Glanbor Aveldonacc

Another pivotal character in the re-enactment was the traitor king, Raol Aveldonacc. In the Game, he was the husband of the Red Elk Queen, Ula Druacca, mother to LiHara played by Karen Stanford. Raol was elected to the Ash Throne, was then to rule for nineteen years. The kings protected the border of the Nations, oversaw justice to person in the form of murder, accusations against honor and slander. During the reign of a king, he accumulated the bad "manna" of the people so that at the end of his tenure, instead of being a good luck charm, he was extremely bad luck. The kings were sacrificed as a way to relieve the sins of the people. This ancient ceremony was capitalized on by the Clans in their first attempts to control the spread of the humans into their territories. Each of the Nine Nations that bordered the Wood, had a sponsor patron Clan who oversaw the deaths of the kings. The Ash Clan were particularly nasty in the king ritual and Raol turned traitor to Zelosia when his time came to die.

In the autumn of 1969, Nick and his twin, Leo, went to Anieth where Nick experienced six years as Raol. He was traumatized by the experience. He finally confessed to Lucia that he could not go back. They then came up with the plan to make Raol king of a different Nation. Nick went into Anieth 22 years before the invasion to spend thirty years as Raol. After about fifteen years of living inside of Raol as the Briar King, Lucia broke the Gate and Nick lost his memories of Earth. He still went to Zelosia with Peter Shields where he lost his hand saving Korutos's life. This caused him to be unworthy of the king sacrifice and he was still killed by Ula for it, but the timing was wrong and Marsyas was not ready to attack Anieth, but instead faced a Veldonaccii alliance at Correna. When Nick woke up again on Earth, he turned right around to go back into Anieth as another twin Veldonaccii, Glanbor who was with the last of their warriors at the Massacre of the Moon. - Books - Aveldonacc, Drakkis, Thorn (as Glanbor) Black Sun.


Leonard Stanford

Leo Stanford - Tuama Aveldonacc, White Wolf Prince, Blue Aspen King, died, when back to Anieth as Merc Aveldonacc

Leo, Nick's twin brother (on the right of Lucia) grew up in the middle of a family of four who spent their holidays on the Shields's estate with their Uncle Mark and Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob. Leo fell in love with stories of Anieth, in particular with the story of the Siege of Correna and Tuama's last stand against the Zelosians. When the twins were sixteen, he finally convinced Bob Gallanis that they were ready to go to Anieth. Their older sister, Susan, had been able to go, but Bob thought the twins too young.

Convincing Bob was hard work, for the twins had to practice a range of martial arts and learn to speak the language of the Horse People. They had to ride well and know the duties of a king: recitation of law, music, the genealogies of their ancestors, the major sagas, the arts of managing martial forces, practical studies like basic engineering, and all sports at which they must excel. Tuama was proficient on the harp as Raol was on the kithara. For the twins, this amounted to more study than they did in school, yet Bob deemed them ready in 1969 right before they turned seventeen.

At first Leo could not believe that Nick had had a bad experience, for he loved every moment of being inside of Tuama. Tuama had married the most beautiful woman of all the Nations, the Swan Queen, Ornait Glenacca. However, he was ready to help Nick make his experience better when they conceived of the plan to start the game in 357 instead of 380. Nick would go into the seventeen year old Raol and Leo into Tuama. However, that was not what happened. Leo also had a bad experience as a very different character. This led him to empathize with what had happened to Nick. After his character's death, he went back as Tuama; after Tuama's death he went back as the younger brother of Glanbor at the Massacre of the Moon. - Books - Aveldonacc, Drakkis, Black Sun


Susan Stanford

Susan Stanford - in 1968, Keia Mem, Eola of Music, Taranhai; in 1970 as Cuadhe Veldonacca, White Wolf Queen

Susan and Gundrid were best friends in school. They were both rather prim and shy. Susan was an accomplished musician by the time she was twelve and good with languages. She spoke fluent French, Italian and German before she began to learn the ancient Celtic languages of Anieth from Peter Shields. Her friend was a math nerd. They were not interested in the invasion of Anieth, but in being students of the ancient school of the Green Nation. In 1968 they went to Anieth, but were dismayed by the way in which the schools were destroyed by the Zelosians. In 1970, Leo convinced both of them that they were changing the game. Susan decided to try her hand at being a queen. She went with Gundrid, and Leo, Theron and Mishka Greshenko five weeks after Leo had gone with Nick and Lucia. They arrived in Anieth in 368 in time for Tuama's ascension to the Aspen throne. Cuadhe was then twelve, and Susan had the experience of doing adolescence all over again since she was then only nineteen. Cuadhe was a very different person than Susan. Susan had a tendency to be bossy an in control since she was the oldest child. Cuadhe was the shyest of the Veldonaccii queens, not unsure of her powers, but reluctant to display them. She was a gifted "listener" or a mind reader, and it was a challenge for her to block out the thoughts of those around her.

Susan had to learn to back off Cuadhe and work within her personality. Yet she interfered when Cuadhe and Raol's son, Teig, (played by Gundrid) were threatened by the mad half-breed prince who was Teig's cousin, but also the son of a Boar shaper. He had gone mad and attacked them all at the King Contests at Correna. Susan pushed Cuadhe to intervene in the prince's mind which killed him. Cuadhe was then branded a murderer and despite finding her king in Correna, the young Garn Anglennacc, she was not thought to pass her initiation.

Despite Lucia breaking the Gate in 370, Susan had such a rigorous hold on Cuadhe that she kept some of her memories of Earth. This was noticed during her initiation and explored and considered by the Holly who tried Cuadhe for madness before passing her to rule the Veldonaccii. When Garn was later murdered, Cuadhe was suspect and underwent a terrible trial. - Books - Thorn, the Quicken King, Moonspine, Black Sun


Gundrid Frejasdattur

Gundrid Frejasdattur - Teig Angwaranacc

Gundrid and Susan were two of a king. Gundrid was an exchange student from Iceland and Susan's mother, Nuo, was half-Chinese. They were unpopular, awkward, gifted and rather reserved. Susan had a tendency to cover her bad social skills with bossiness, but Gundrid was shy to the point of being almost a non-entity. Her mousy hair and thick glasses also did not endear her to the other girls in school. She hated the fact that, as a math genius, she was not acknowledged as such in the wider world because she was female. Her career options were limited to assisting in departments where she would get little credit for her work. So, she went with Susan to Anieth, mostly to please her friend because she found it incredulous that anyone would believe in a gateway to an ancient world.

She had heard mention by Nuo and Daniel Lee of a math genius who had lived and worked at Taranhai, the large college in the Green Nation. The genius was the son of the local Queen, shunned by his family. Susan agreed to play the part of another professor at the college who was a music master. The girls went to Anieth in 1968 when they were both eighteen. They were horrified by the devastation that occurred during the Zelosian invasion, when jealous priests destroyed the colleges of the Nine Nations. Gundrid took the opportunity to go back to an earlier time when Leo recruited them in 1970. She assumed that they would be back for the eclipse.

She fell into Teig when he was ten and saw his first lunar eclipse at Taranhai. She sank into him, unaware that she had lost her memory of Earth until confronted by Peter when he came to try to rescue Bob and Nick. She ran from the knowledge that she was not really Teig, but she may have had some influence on Teig's decision to fight the priests and Korutos when they were destroying Tarahai. Teig went to An Doras where he studied there for many years. - Books - Thorn, the Quicken King, Rivenskin, Drakkis


Kevin Abernathy

Kevin Abernathy - Stan Agalli, Teann Avimig, Eola Jeria

Kevin had lost his mother in a bad car accident when he was only two. Susan stayed with him during her vacations as a babysitter. He developed a crush on her that led him to follow her to Anieth when he was only five. He was a fairly normal boy, but enjoyed more quiet activities than his older brother who as pretty wild. He was smart for his age and had already taught himself to read. With his father thrashing in his grief, Kevin was a bit lost, quiet and somewhat fearful of strangers. Geoff and Brian tolerated his following them everywhere, but rarely paid him mind. Susan was ten years older than Kevin, but understood something of his quiet ways and had been kind to him. He became Stan Avimig, a eola who helped Queen Cuadhe survive the devastation at Dumona caused by the politics of the Zelosian invasion. Most of the players had desired to play kings and queens or warriors with two exceptions, Kevin Abernathy and Gundrid Frejasdattu, both of whom played eolas. This word is an Anieth word that means "professor" or "master" in the sense of journeymen and masters of a skill. Each of the Nine Nations had two colleges which served sessions tied to the queens. The Animal Colleges (White Wolf Queen, Green Serpent Queen, etc.) were mostly schools of science, engineering and mathematics, where the Tree Colleges (Holly Queen, Ash Queen, etc) were schools of law, language, politics and religion. With the termination of a queen's nineteen year rule, her corresponding college was disbanded. One eola was chosen to carry on that college and teach the young princess of the next session in nineteen years. During Cuadhe's reign, Eola Vael oversaw legal matters in the Nation. It was he who had to bring prosecution against Cuadhe for the murder of Garn. During this investigation, Eola Vael discovered a half-breed who had remarkable powers. He took this child from the witch, Calli, when the child's mother was burned and discovered to be a Tree shaper. Stan was the by blow of the old king by Calli's slave.

Stan also witnessed the downfall of the White Nation, and the murders under the rule of Queen Briau. He was also at the Massacre of the Moon when Lucia's granddaughter was rescued from the Black Holly. - Books - Black Sun, Moonspine


Theron Abernathy

Theron Abernathy - Tinneal/Diann Antuig, Red Cuilinn of the Holly

Theron Abernathy, a physicist, hated his life. His grandfather had been a Welsh immigrant who had married a Jamaican woman and their son had married an Egyptian singer. He complained that he was not black enough to be black and not white enough to be white. He fell in love and married a woman in New York who was very active in the woman's movement. She was killed in a car crash with another of the players, Daniel Lee, whose sister had married into the Stanford clan. Theron, who was the best friend of Mishka Greshenko (another physicist) had gone to Anieth several times. He felt that had he been on Earth, his wife would not have been driving and the accident would not have occurred. Grief-stricken, left with two small boys, he went slightly crazy.

Theron, on the rebound, fell in love with a woman of the Rowan Clan. She was the famous seer, Lonrach, cousin to the same man Lucia Shields had loved. He broke one the fast rules of the Gamers and tried to bring Lonrach back through the Gate to Earth. She lived for a week and finally died of shock. This marked Theron and he became very hard, especially with his older son, Brian, who was a handful, and demanded great patience. Theron had none for him. He ignored his children and went back to Anieth. He also became resigned to always losing Lonrach six years after he met her. Sometimes he could force circumstances to be with her as early as possible, at other times, he could only be with her a year. In 1969, he missed seeing her at all and came back from Anieth deeply depressed only to find that Brian had not even bothered to go to school and the other boys had also cut all their classes.

Theron was furious with himself. It was in this mood that Lucia found him when she immediately confessed to Theron and his best friend, Mishka, that she had been able to start the Game early. Theron jumped at the chance of seeing Lonrach. Yet, in 380 when the Game usually began, Lonrach was in her early twenties. When he and Mishka went to Anieth in winter of 1970, she was only an infant. Furious again, Tinneal knew he had to wait. He also knew that as soon as Bob entered the Game, Lonrach was doomed to die. He went back to Earth and was the only person who knew of Lucia's plan to break the Gate, for he approved, wholeheartedly, despite his torn feelings that he would be abandoning his boys on Earth. He knew that they were safe with Peter Shields and he also knew that Brian might be better off without him since they fought constantly. He waited as long as he could, but slipped into the Game about 375 to set up circumstances so that he would be sure to meet with Lonrach. He was only too happy to lose his memories of Earth, yet, when Brian arrived, playing the part of Lonrach's son, he recognized the boy and found deep satisfaction in watching him grow up, even though he fought with him all over again. However, fate caught up with Theron he was killed early in the long version of the game, and woke up on Earth without his kids. He knew if he went back, he would be able to see Lonrach again, but not as her lover. He decided to throw himself into his work instead as he waited for his sons to come back from Anieth. - Books - The Killing Tree, The Burning Bride


Brian Abernathy

Brian Abernathy - Tréan Anlonrach

Brian Abernathy was a handful. In and out of trouble, out of school more than in it, he wore on his single father until they were both at each other's throats. The only one who could reason with them was Brian's friend Geoff. Geoff was an orphan boy who was so easy going that he was one of the only people who could tolerate being around Brian. So Brian took him home. Geoff had such a calming influence on the Abernathy household that Theron Abernathy wanted to adopt him and did, unofficially. The two boys were inseparable and learned about Anieth together as they planned to rescue Brian's little brother and his father. However, Brian was not cured of his terrible personality and would take out his rages on the other children, especially the little girl, Edna, whom he blamed for breaking the gate. His father went to Anieth before Lucia broke the Gate and did not go back until 1973 when Raissa urged him to take her to find Mishka even though they knew it might mean abandoning the children. After two years, Brian followed his father.

Brian was lost inside the son of Lonrach. He grew up in his character as irascible as he had been on Earth, always fighting with Theron who was playing the part of his as his uncle, Tinneal, the Red Cuilinn. And Geoff, too was there with the same personality. Brian was involved in a botched attempt to rescue those of the Clans by Peter Shields and Lucia's daughter, Edna. In a shapeshifting trick, he got Edna pregnant and went with her to Earth. There he died and Brian also died. However, Edna's daughter, Ru, came into Anieth in the final effort to defeat Marsyas o Gallanis. - Books - Killing Tree, Burning Bride, Wolven, Mirrormere


Geoff Martín

Geoff Martín - Dubh Adarach

Geoff had the opposite personality from Brian Abernathy. Theron had never seen a more easy-going, compliant kid. He was an orphan, shunned by other kids because he was chubby and far sighted and his father had been an illegal Puerto Rican who had abandoned his mother. He became good friends with Brian because, due to Brian's anger, almost no one could get along with him. Geoff was also very mellow and placid when he went to Anieth with Brian to rescue Theron and Kevin. He did not like what he had heard of the Holly and their Cult of Rage; Geoff preferred the Lesser Clans and wanted only to live in peace and help out his friend.

Geoff went into the character of Dubh, a half-breed Oak and Elder. Dubh's half-brother had tried to kill him as a boy, but Dubh was rescued by a Bear shaper who had fled the Holly and was living in secret in Oak country. This shaper taught Dubh to live within the two sides of his lineage.

As Dubh, Geoff found himself in the middle of one of the great conflicts of Anieth. A civil war among the Holly had spread. The Oak and the Holly decided their kings through champions for they were both agressive Clans that shared a boundary along the River Bras. To keep the peace a champion was chosen from each of the three sub-clans of the Holly to kill the corresponding Oak king. Then the next Oak king would be decided when one of their warriors killed the Holly who had killed the King. This interweaving had gone on for centuries until a dispute broke out among the Holly over how to treat the humans who lived in their territories at Dumona. The White Nation of the Setting Moon had been surrounded and cut off from the other Nations and had been patronized by the White Holly. The rules of choosing champions were very complicated, it will suffice to say that Geoff and Brian, both playing half-bred characters were not able to be champions and kings, yet they won the contests.

Their parents had tried to make peace between the Holly and Oak in order to face the Zelosian threat with a united front. So the contest was rigged to put the boys in place to continue the Alliance. Of course this was disputed. It became the task of King Dubh and Tr&eaccute;an to keep the peace and fight off those who defied the new peace. Each time they broke more with tradition and law to keep the Alliance together, the more agitated became their own people. They knew that if war broke out, the Alliance, rather than fight off the Zelosian threat would make the invasion possible. - Books - The Killing Tree, Mirrormere


Alexei and Mishka Greshenko

Michali (Mishka) Greshenko - Bleid Abrannan

Dr. Alexei Greshenko was a Ukrainian refugee who had fled to Paris with his wife when he knew he would go to Siberia for his controversial work on connections between ancient Aryan symbolism and language roots. His wife died during the German occupation. He immigrated to America in the fifties with his small son, Mishka, and got a post in New York teaching mythology and folklore. He mentored Peter Shields. Mishka had no love of the ancient world and took a degree in Physics where he met Daniel Lee, Theron Abernathy, and his wife, Raissa Chabra, whose father was Indian and mother was from Siberia. Alexei lived with them, and they were worried when he first spoke of the gate to another world on Peter's estate. Theron was also skeptical. Rather than listen to the boys, Alexei challenged them to go to Anieth. They went in 1964 and were immediately hooked.

Mishka loved Anieth beyond anything he would have felt for a role-playing game. He did not care about the magic involved and ignored the endless discussions among the players of the reality or not of Anieth. He only cared about his life there with his father, his wife, and later his son. He loved the wilderness of it. It reminded him of trips that they had made when he was a boy to Canada. His father also loved Anieth in the same way although he felt compelled to understand it. When his father died, Mishka buried his father there. When Lucia began the Game early, Mishka went to Anieth and discovered, like Theron, that he was a boy and his wife but a baby. He would have stayed, but their home was raided by Clansmen who hated half-breeds and Bleid escaped with Luaith's parents. He told them to go to the Black Rowan lands in Ash Country and to build a house there beside the lake. He went back to Anieth after Lucia broke the Gate when Theron confessed to him her secret. He told Raissa that he would not return and he did not know how long he would be gone.

As the multi-shaper Bleid, Mishka's life was in constant danger, for half-breeds were feared and despised. He remembered some of Earth, enough that he was compelled to search for Raissa's character, Luaith. He remembered the raid, for Bleid remembered the raid, and hunted in wolf form along the border to hear rumor of a girl who was not a human child. He finally caught a rumor in the camps of the Druaccii and found Raissa when, as Luaith, she was traveling with Duvan to Nava. He realized quickly that she recognized him only on a deeper level and that she knew nothing of being a shape shifter. He began to try to lure her away from the Nations, into the Wood where he could take her to her parents. Yet she was in love with Duvan. He arranged that she should accompany Morga when the young princess went to her initiation with the Rowan. There he had her to himself and convinced her that they were meant for each other. - Books - The Quicken King, Rivenskin, Wolven, Wings of Gallanis, The Burning Bride


Raissa Greshenka

Raissa Sofia Chabra-Greshenka - Fann/Luaith Ingaupe

Raissa did not care for the West. She did not like their elitist attitudes and their wastefulness. She worried for Alexei losing his mind, but she agreed to go with them to Anieth. She was stunned by the beauty and the primitive conditions which were so much like her mother's native Siberia. Her character had been a slave and she liked that. She could not understand the others wanting to be kings and queens when all the richness of the world was before them. And why the Horse People when they could explore the shapes of animals and trees?

Her great sorrow came with her first son, born in Anieth, who died when the Game was over. She was grief-stricken and furious. Mishka was no help, assuring her that their son would be born again with the next game. She refused to go, to see again the beautiful boy only to lose him. But she could not refuse Anieth, so she went and refused to have a child. Mishka was unhappy about this. Finally, she agreed to have a child on Earth only to lose Mishka after Lucia broke the Gate. She was heart-broken to have gained her son and lost her husband. She refused to believe Peter Shields that she would be lost if she went to Anieth to seek out Mishka. She thought that surely she could hold onto her love for Sasha and bring Mishka back through the Gate. So she finally went, determined and stubborn that she was. She found herself in the body of the young Fann, still a slave and without Mishka, trapped in the lands of the Horse People. She remembered nothing until she met Mishka in his human form. Yet she did not remember enough except that she was heartbroken whenever she saw Mishka as Bleid. Then she bore a son. With the renewal of her family, her nightmares ceased and she was happy to live in Anieth forever. Her grief came forward again in the deaths of her friends and the loss of Mishka as he began to test the rules of the world and seek Lucia. She raised Lucia's granddaughter and her son without Mishka/Bleid and grieved for him despite her son's anger. - Books - The Quicken King, Rivenskin, Wolven, Black Sun


Sasha Greshenko

Alexei (Sasha) Greshenko - Faol Abluaith also other shapes:
Bradan (the Salmon King), Charria (the Elk King), Osar (the Bear), Verres (the Boar), Fiach (the Raven King) and Havoc (the Eagle)

Sasha Greshenko was born two years before his father was lost in Anieth and lost his mother three years later. He grew up in the Shields house with Edna Shields. He despised Peter Shields whom he thought was preventing them from seeing their parents and had somehow kidnapped the adults who were lost. When Diana Stanford came out for holiday with Edna, she tormented them both about the great secret of their missing parents and told them that she was going to rescue her mother and that they did not care enough about their own parents to also go with her. This was enough to enrage Sasha, who was only fourteen at the time. He chased Diana into Anieth and was lost into the infant son of Bleid and Luaith. Although Sasha remembered nothing of Earth, he grew up with Lucia's daughter, Ellie, who was Edna's twin in Anieth. He developed a protective passion for Lucia's granddaughter whom they called Elitín which means "little doe." But when he was but a child, the little girl went into the North to grow up with the Veldonaccii in Dumona because of the war in Coombe Charria that had come when Bleid went missing.

Although Faol and Luaith looked after Elitín from a distance, the girl had no idea of her powers and began to deny them when they frightened her friends. She conceived of the wrong notion that she was the daughter of Morga, not Ellie, and believed that she was human. When the girl was caught up in the disasters at Dumona, Faol and Luaith found her again only a day before the White Doe found her to exact revenge for the death of her nine daughters by Korutos and Ellie. Faol tried to shock the girl into recognition of her powers, only to lose her again when the Clans made a bargain with her to go seduce Korutos into giving them a Treaty against Zelosia. He followed her to the East and nearly destroyed Nava in trying to get her to use her powers.

Sasha Greshenko, because of his father's unravelling of the laws of Anieth, became the most powerful animal shaper in the Wood, breaking the boundaries of air and water. He spent years tracking down Bleid for his mother's sake, yet on finding him locked up at Nava, lost him again when Mishka destroyed his jail and vanished. Sasha had no interest in trying to break Anieth apart, he only wanted to live at Coombe Charria in peace. - Books - Rivenskin, Wolven, Wings of Gallanis, Black Sun


Edna Shields

Edna Shields - Iníon Eilit (Ellie), Elitín and the incarnations of Lucia's daughter

We have not been able to understand what we called the "Lucia phenomenon." It was half a joke, yet how could three generations of women look identical and yet be so different? The coloring was striking and not at all common: the deep red hair and blue-white skin and black eyes. It was understood that somehow Lucia's child had split into twins when she broke the Gate, one child in Anieth and the other on Earth, yet what of Lucia's granddaughter who also looked exactly as Lucia had? Edna showed no interest in shaping of any kind, and the two Anieth girls shaped the Deer primarily yet could shape others if pressed. When Lucia broke the Gate, she somehow became Anieth, yet I always thought that she lived in part in the forms of her daughters and granddaughter.

Edna was a solitary child. Raised in part by Raissa and Marion and in part by Peter, she assisted him in his notes and found her mother's journals which she shared with Sasha. When Diana tricked them into going into Anieth, she was not affected, and merely found her way to An Doras where she exited and reported to Peter what had happened. At that point, he began to involve her in his searches for the other players and encouraged her to try to sound out players and see if they understood what had happened or knew anything of Earth.

Edna was mistaken many times for her sister and for her niece. It also confused people more when her cousin, Diana, often posed as Edna in order to confuse and taunt the Holly. Edna played an important part in keeping the Holly and Oak alliance and then with her son, stopping the Zelosian incursions. - Books - Rivenskin, Wolven, Wings of Gallanis, Black Sun, Mirromere, The Burning Bride


Diana Stanford

Diana Stanford - Uafásach ni Uath

Diana also did not talk about her experience in Anieth. She, Valerie, and Chas Gallanis went simply out of spite for her cousin, Edna, and Edna's friend, Sasha Greshenko. DIana may have thought to punish Peter Shields for her missing mother. She went into the character of a great image shaper, as many of the Thorn were. She was a Hawthorn maiden who could take on the appearance of other women. She was so alluring that it went to her head and she abused this power, first by posing as Edna, then as posing as Lucia's granddaughter, and driving Dubh's cousin to disrupt the peace and try to get the Oak throne for himself.

We suspect that she may have inherited some of the Shields's power and exemption from memory loss. She seemed to think Anieth was her playground to act out her spite and revenge for what she had to suffer being the daughter of two players.

Her greatest achievement was in her torment of Tréan Alonrach, played by Brian Abernathy, which caused him to mistake Edna for a vicious sex goddess. The result of this deception was the birth of Brian Shields on Earth, after the daring escape of Tréan and Dubh to Earth to escape their cousins.. - Books - Mirrormere, Wolven


Valerie Stanford

Valerie Stanford - Briau Veldonacca, White Holly Queen

When Lucia broke the Gate, Anieth time and Earth time were no longer connected. so that a year in Anieth not longer three days, it was any time. Lucia broke the gate during the full solar eclipse on March 7, 1970. After that, people vanished and were gone for years. The youngest of the Stanfords, Valerie was left alone, having lost all her siblings, both her uncles and her aunt Karen. At this time, Valerie was but ten years of age. Of the children left, there were the Abernathy kids and their friend Geoff, Edna Shields, Diana Stanford and Chas Gallanis and Sasha Greshenko. Of the adults, there were only Marion, Raissa, Peter Shields (who came and went.) Valerie was away at school for this time and thought her siblings had died in an auto accident with Mark.

In 1983, Valerie and Chas found out the truth about the missing players and were furious. They conspired together to find out a way to rescue their parents and siblings, uncles and aunts. Although Peter had put a ban on the gate and the maze, the two of them were able to get into the maze and were promptly lost in Anieth. Valerie became the White Holly Princess, Briau, who was only four years old. She had no memory of Earth, however she must have had a lingering anger in the subconscious and some kind of awareness of nothing being real. She was surrounded by her siblings and cousins, but all she did was kill them, directly or indirectly.

As Princess Briau, she grew up with a despondent mother, Cuadhe, and swore to save her people from the Zelosian incursions using everything in her power. Unfortunately, she did not pass her initiation. Such was the situation in the Moon Nation that she was able to fake the birth of a daughter and convince her people that she had passed the initiation. The consequences of this were far reaching as Briau gave control over the White Nation to the witch, Calli, who wanted only vengeance for her son. When the Game was over, Valerie disappeared from contact with her siblings for what had happened in Anieth during her reign as the White Holly Queen. - Books - Black Sun, Wolven


Chas Gallanis

Enormously popular in school, at fourteen, already looking twenty, hearthrob, jock, Chas seemed to have it all, except for parents. He made every effort to be as superficial as possible, for what do you say when your parents are missing in a fantasy world? There seemed be a collusion among them all to pretend that most of them had died in auto accidents. Edna knew the truth, as did Sasha Greshenko, but Valerie and Chas refused to know the truth. It was too weird. However, in 1983, they found out the hard way, through the teasing of their cousin, Diana, who blamed Edna for the mess. Chas was furious. Not that his parents were missing, but that someone would find out and he would go from popular jock to weird psycho-boy in a matter of weeks.

After battling it out with the others at the estate, Chas was lost in Anieth with eveyrone else. He immediately found his parents and completely submerged himself into trying to be like his father. Again, all he did was aimed at being popular, well-liked and a hit with women. He was desperate for it to be true. He was only comfortable with animals, and had extraordinary gifts with horses. Banned to the frontier to try to rule Dumona, Runion caused a massive famine and would not take the blame. There he found his cousins and another girl who looked like Edna. Something in him wanted revenge.

As he had blamed Edna for his father's disappearance, he blamed Kileen for his father, Marsyas's disappearance through her mother, Ellie. He both hated her and desired to appease her, but all of this was out of reach of Runion's mind, tied up in Chas's memories of Earth that, as Runion, he fiercely suppressed as he had suppressed all knowlege of the weird fantasy game on Earth. - Books - Black Sun, Drakkis, Wings of Gallanis.

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