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We sell Bronze Age fantasy graphic novels These books appeal to all ages, but some of our passionate readers are 11-16. They make fabulous gifts for kids.

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All the books are drawn by hand and then enter pre-press in PhotoShop in a black and white style similar to Manga, but more realistic. They are printed locally. Each book is 200 pages and appropriate for anyone twelve and up.


There are hundreds of articles about the Bronze Age in Europe, real magic (spirituality) and the background of the books. Some articles are in the books themselves, but there are many more on the website for people to learn more about the research that went into the books. There are also many articles on the making of the books as well as art demos.


There are two tarot decks associated with the books, greeting cards, posters and more. The cards are druidic, based on Bronze Age European folklore, with few references to Classical, Egyptian, or Biblical references that pervade many of the Golden Dawn decks. There has been over forty years of research that went into the symbolism of the books and cards.


The artwork associated with the books is mostly natural realism. All of the books have lavish backgrounds, either of animals or interesting facts about the Bronze Age. The buttons above let you look at the books, tarot cards, and other images.


We attended a comic convention recently. However, cons are hard for introverted folks! So most of our sales are through the web. We are trying to make this process easy but personal. Click on the buttons above to see what we offer. Be aware that our books are also at comiXology and on this site. Most of the artwork is from the books.


You are always welcome to buy directly from us at sales@(take this out) with a credit card (we use a secure site) or by sending us a check. However, most people like to use storefronts. ComiXology allows the books to be read on any device. All our products are up at Etsy, and the books and tarot cards are at Amazon. Feel free to browse both Etsy and Amazon for reviews. Please type in "anieth" to find our products.

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