I am a classical illustrator. I work with pencil, chalk, paint and pen using techniques that I learned in the Sargent lineage. I went to the Boulder Academy of Fine Art, but I am also self-taught. Click on the links below to look at the images, then use the back arrow to return to this page. There are thousands of images that you can look at, but these are a sample.


Alchemilla page Archers page Barn Owl page Beaver page Bison page Crake page Crested Tit page Dynnar page Fox Yawning page Genista page Goldcrest page Goshawk page Grandpa page Hanged Man page Juniper Winter page Korutos page Luna Moth page Otters page Pansies page Pine Card page Pine page Rabbits page Raol King page Raven page Raven Dance page Turtle page Violet Decor page Wands Wolf Mom page

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