Costuming, Sewing and Making Toys
by A.R. Stone

    I've been sewing for over fifty years. My mother first started us sewing by hand by making animals pillows. Because I was 5'10" and 90 lbs at the age of twelve, I had to make my clothes. We grew up making marionettes and running puppet theatres, as well as making clothes for our trolls and paper dolls. I became a costumer designer at the age of 14 and went on to take flat pattern and design, tailoring, and worked on various plays as well as sewing professionally.

I am slightly dyslexic, so it is extremely difficult for me to follow patterns. I usually drape fabric on a dummy, or just cut things out using my years of knowledge of fabric and human anatomy. I can match just about anything I find in a picture, but I sew with thrifted fabrics and clothing, so everything is very "creatively" put together! I found early on that it was quite impossible to compete with fast fashion, but I still make clothing for my Etsy store where outfits are sold at affordable prices, which means I get paid in love.

My Alice dresses were made for tea parties for my friends and their daughters. But with the disruption of social gatherings, I sold the dresses, which turned out to be popular. I love making fun clothes and believe that people should be able to dress how they want. These dresses also follow what is now called "history bounding" after Disney bounding, which was popular when I grew up in the 60's and early 70's. I love making historial like dresses that can drift across different eras.

My dresses are a bit like costumes, but also like fashions that have been popular in the Bohemian and Japanese communities. I also got frustrated that so many cute dresses were made for teeny people, which is fine, but there should also be pretty clothing for larger people. I have always had trouble finding clothes that fit and my community online appreciates that the clothes are adjustable for many sizes of women.

But my love of costume prevails, and my favorite, Edwardian 1918, is one of the fashions I am most drawn to. I myself wear mostly Medieval, Boho 60's and Edwardian.


Gardening and My Cottage Garden
by A.R. Stone

    These are some of the articles from over thirty years of gardening in hostile climates like the Mountain West. I found little in traditional books on gardening that helped me much with too intense sun, wind, extremely dry conditions, as well as daily extremes of hot and cold, even during the winter. I also found little on gardening for survival, meaning eating out of a garden. There are books on "too much zucchini" and some great books on hobby gardening, but we were poor and needed to eat what we grew.

I have started trying to organize and compile some of my experience. I have a long way to go, but I thought you might enjoy some of these articles to get you thinking about being serious about growing your own food. There is no longer any excuse; bad weather, rising costs, bad industry practices, and a long drought are forcing us to rethink eating and food.

I have also had major health issues all my life that are helped a great deal by diet. I believe firmly that many of our ills can be treated by the way we eat. I encourage you to experiment and to try to use your own head about your problems rather than run to a doctor. Doctors know a heck of a lot, but they may not know you as well as you know yourself. They can only prescribe something that treats your symptoms in many people. This can lead to all kinds of complications. Be responsible, be well!

© 2018, A.R. Stone

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