Light Sail Race

Pride of Europa

Station Sample
Pride of Europa is an adventure in the Jovian system. A laser sail ship gets lost in a dead zone on the far side of Jupiter. Playing a tethering game, Yash and Sam discover the ghost ship. Yash's grandfather was the captain and his mother the astrogator. When his father dies of a mysterious illness, Yash is sucked into the politics of the disappearance of this great ship and its 3000 passengers. When Sam is kidnapped by the evil Kharan family, Yash must figure out a way to rescue the crew. Book will be finished summer of 2018. It is full color, 90 pages, but will also be available online.

Cabin of Ship
This is a sample of what the raw drawings look like. These books are done by hand, colored and assembled in Adobe PhotoShop.

Pilots to Tartarus

Gas Scoop
Pilots to Tartarus is an mystery set in the Saturn system. It begins with the crash and explosion of a gas scoop trying to dock at the Tartarus station. The scoop is flown by a pilot in a suspension tank. It is found that the pilot's synapses have deteriorated. Things become more tense as a scientist arrives who claims that she can extend the career life of the other pilots with tandem flying. A woman is chosen for this experiment, unaware that it is an elaborate attempt at revenge.

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