This work is dedicated to Western Spirituality.
It is a celebration of natural beauty that nourishes, the awakening of emotional response, of words grasping at the infinite, of moral guidance, and of inspiration. Caught between death and immortality, we hope for answers.

Art page
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I do art, lots of art. As an illustrator, I draw anything, but my style is mostly realistic. I was classically trained in the John Singer Sargent lineage, which involves traditional red chalk, macchia (this picture) and oil glaze. I also do watercolor (above), pastel, colored pencil, and digital color over pencil. Here on my pages, you can link to art instruction as well as my portfolio. Most of the instruction is real instruction, problems with lighting, how to understand what to leave out in drawing, how to draw fast, and problems in anatomy and accuracy in perspective.

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Tarot page

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In 2019 we have three decks available. The Anieth Deck is meant to go with the books. It is a deck based on the mythology of Northern Europe, has five suits, is full of druidic imagery, and is in Gaelic after the Ogham Alphabet. The Anieth Nature Deck has no human images, is in English, and has four suits. The new Stone Nature deck is also has no human images, but has five suits and is in Gaelic. The decks represent thirty years of research and are hand drawn.

Anieth Tarot Nature TarotStone Tarot


Graphic Novels

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We also have six books of the thirteen book graphic novel series: The Tales of Anieth, available in print form, online, or in e-book form. The novels are set in an alternative Europe about the time of Stonehenge, filled with the old magic of ancient tales. Done in a marvelous style called "Western Manga" these books are suitable for ages 12 and up. The background material is vast, from ancient ways of making shoes, to herbal recipes, to studies about ancient star calendars. All this work is based on the mythology and technology of Bronze Age Europe. The stories are well-written adventures, fast paced, but meant to be re-read and savored.

Rivenskin Killing Tree Aveldonacc Thorn Quicken King Wolven

Western Way page

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All of my work is based on a reconstruction of ancient European lore, science, and mythology. From reconstructions of data, we suspect that there was a crash of technology and knowledge about 2000BCE. This was followed by other natural disasters and a period of time in which there were no total solar eclipses. Funding for Stonehenge fell so that building ceased. Peoples were displaced and several western civilizations crashed. The legacy of this lore was carried over in odd bits and pieces folklore that survived the Celtic invasions and later the Romans. This part of my site is an exploration in three parts: Axis Mundi: Stellar Lore and European Mythology; the Fourfold Way: the Paths of Western Spirituality; and Ogham: The Alphabet of Trees.

Axis Mundi Four-Fold Way Ogham


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I have spent over fifty years writing. Being a brainiac (total nerd) I have studied more than most. I took world building seriously as a kid, so have learned all I can about everything from geomorphology and cartography to diachronic linguistics, comparative mythology, archeoastronomy, herbology and, of course, writing and art. Always sick as a child, I spent my time reading. The most popular of my articles are on writing, which you will find here. I talk about plot construction in story, and building character. These pages contain some of my speculations and rambles, and stories.

Taurean Age

               Garden page

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I was fortunate enough to finally get a house of my own. Yet I've always gardened. Even in high country Colorado and Florida. I found gardening books to be extremely interesting and extremely frustrating. I have a front yard garden, visible to everyone, yet it is all edible landscaping. My yard is also very small, but I am poor, so I try to eat all I can and end up saving thousands of dollars every year. These pages are both my journey and what I've learned. I also have been eating a raw diet for fifteen years and my health problems have gone away. Here you can find many raw recipes and real information about health and allergies.

Cherrie Blossoms  Crackers Tulip Salad

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