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Reading Style - Breathing Techniques
and Descriptions of the Cards

Reading Nick

This spread, used in the books, is a very general query spread, left open so that there is more room for interpretation and intuition. As in most decks, the court cards are people and the trumps represent fixed points on the life path. What is different in these decks is the Lower Arcana. This was designed to bring out the reader's channeling abilities, and to breathe life into the cards and the reading, also allowing for moment by moment changes in being.

Lower Arcana

The Lower Arcana was designed using the in and out movement of protection and projection in the different areas of the human being. I wanted to show that the reversed positions of the cards were not "bad" aspects but the converse of the card, or going in the opposite direction. Thus at Five, we still get the chaos or instability of the cards that you see in other decks, but we also see a kind of denial on the reverse aspect. But if you look at Ten, generally a fulfillment card or a saturation card, on the reverse, you get the healthy aspect of breathing in now ready to go to the Ace uprights with projection. The Ten uprights are "breathed out" in need of renewal and will go to the ultimate of protection seen in the Aces reversed. So everything in the Lower Arcana is movement, a snapshot of what the querent is feeling, thinking or doing.

This is an exercise for clearing the reader (and querent) for a reading.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Sit with the cards, either at a table or on the floor. If in a chair make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Do not wear heels, try to be barefoot. Stay grounded.

  • Set the cards in front of you. Close your eyes. Try to imagine your spine straightening as if a cord were pulling you up through your neck and head.

  • Take a deep breath, keep breathing into the belly. Then "whoosh" it out. Take another deep breath. Then three or four breaths very fast and deep.

  • Then breathe with your eyes closed and focus only on the breath. The longer you can do this, the better the reading will go.

  • After you feel that you have calmed down, put your fingers on the cards and put energy into them as you breathe out and take the energy back into you as you breathe in.

  • If you are reading for another, make sure that person faces you, also breathes with their eyes closed.

  • Imagine also that you are taking in the "bad" energy from this person and breathing out calm into them also.

  • I do not begin to shuffle the cards until I feel a connection. Open your eyes slightly, but try to focus on the cards or the hands of the person for whom you are reading.

  • I do have the person cut the cards, but not until they, too, have calmed down and seem to be "breathing" into the reading. You can explain this beforehand.

  • Tell the person to cut the cards by cutting away the kernel of the problem or issue. Or cutting away the distractions. Or cutting away the energy that is not theirs.

  • Only lay out the cards with each breath. Feel the card as you lay it down. I lay them down face down and then breathe again to turn them. Go then with your intuition.

I have written much more about the Court Cards and the Trump Cards on the other pages.

© 2018, A.R. Stone