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We are just starting to sell books, so we're starting small. As soon as we start selling enough stuff, we'll get a way for you to pay by credit card and do that shopping cart junk. As you can tell, we're not really into the selling thing. That aside, the books are really amazing and people love getting them as gifts. Here are a few pictures of the things we have available. Please write to us at:sales@sygkrafeas.(take this out)com if you want to buy a book.

Rivenskin Rivenskin is a "fall from grace" tale about an arrogant man who gets lost in a hostile wood, falls in love and incurs the wrath of his beloved brother. He learns in this book that the Empire that he thinks is infallible is only made up of people, some of them corrupt and evil. He also learns that those he thought barbarian and demonic are more civilized than his own people. This book is as close to horror as I care to write. It will appeal to those kids and people who like strange tales that may have a mysterious second level of witchcraft or evil. It is a book of jealous passions and a fight for power.

Rivenskin is also softbound, but of very high quality, suitable for libraries as well as carrying around in a backpack. It is 200 pages and packed with magic both evil and good. Although the story is tragic, it is satisfying and uplifting. It also retails at $30.00-$40.00

Thorn Thorn is a graphic novel about a boy astronomer who is stuck in his grief. He pushes on to fulfill the expecations that others have of him and finally decides to change his fate. This book is not a hero's journey, but the journey of a very nerdy boy who seems autistic to his family because he is a mathematical genius with a very focused mind. It will appeal to nerdy kids (and adults) from ages 10 and up.

The book is softcover, but very sturdy and of high quality printing. It measures 8.5x11 inches and is 200 pages. There are appendices in the back of the book with links to real astronomy from the anient world. (See background pages.) Although Teig is nerdy, he is very sympathetic. His owl is secretly a shapeshifter. This book will absorb the right kind of person for hours. It retails at $30.00-40.00.

Quicken King The Quicken King is a traditional romance. The main character is a slave who falls in love with a prince who has to marry another woman. She finds her own man, but rejects him because she fears the future. This book is driven by the ability of some to see the future and their fear of it. The characters must learn that the now cannot be sacrificed to a vision of the future. It is also a book that closely deals with the initiation rites of a princess and the problems with shapeshifting. It would appeal to any girl (or boy) who has ever wanted to be an animal. Age ten and up, no sex, no graphic violence.

The Quicken King is also softbound, but of very high quality. It is 200 pages and packed information about herbs and ancient household arts with a companion website that has recipes and herbal information as well as pictures and articles about weaving, preparing flax, even making shoes. The story has a happy ending, but is not sappy or mushy and has so much action in it that boys, too, will enjoy the story. It retails at $30.00-40.00.

Killing Tree The Killing Tree is a traditional hero's journey about a boy's attempt to win a contest to be a champion of the Holly Clan. The two main characters are both misfits among their peoples who are ancient enemies. The boys are teased because they are both half-breeds through their mothers. However their fathers expect a bit too much out of them. The boys fight and quarrel with the help of a mischevious crow, who loves causing trouble. The contest gets very intense, full of cheating and misadventure as the boys deal with the fact that their Clans want to kill each other.

The Killing Tree is 200 pages of action, humor and adventure. The format is attractive to those kids (or adults) who find reading a chore and will entice slow readers to be patient with their skills. It will also appeal to the very smart child, having a mystery in the background of the contest. It retails at $30.00-40.00

Aveldonacc Aveldonacc is a widdershins hero's journey, better known as a paladin story or a reluctant hero story. It begins on Earth with twin boys who are players in the Invasion of Anieth game that their uncle has organized. One of the twins is quieter and is traumatized by his first adventure in Anieth because he is stuck inside the head of another twin, the traitorous king who sells out his people to the invaders and then dies a horrible death by poison. The twins to to Anieth, and must learn to control the prince, make him win a differerent contest for a different kingship. This is a darker hero's journey, but is also full of action and danger.

Aveldonacc is 200 pages, softcover, and also full of ancient designs of vehicles, ways of working in wood, music, and even ancient surveying with links to the web site for real technology from ancient Europe about the time of Stonehenge. This makes the graphic novel ideal for libraries or any child interested in magic or history. Retails at $30.00-40.00.

Wolven Wolven is a widdershins romance, with a witch for a bride. When the Veldonaccii Princess is found to be hiding with the old King on the border, her life is threatened by soldiers trying to collect grain for starving Dumona. The soldiers are in turn attacked by the White Doe and the Holly. Kileen is taken prisoner by the Holly, but released when it is discovered that she is the daughter of the shape-shifter, Ellie. Faol and Luaith take her to Coombe Charria to try to teach her how to survive being a shape-shifter. There is only one problem, Kileen has been enchanted and has lost her magical abilities.

Wolven is 200 pages, softcover, with lavish spreads showing many of the animals of Europe and their mythological meanings. It will appeal to young and old alike. Available in December 2018 for $35.00-40.00.

Burning Bride The Burning Bride is the "behind the scenes" book that explains Lucia's story, where the Gate came from, how the players got started going to Anieth, and what they experienced there that changed them. Peter Shields tells the story and finally learns that his baby sister is responsible for the magic. The story continues with Lucia falling in love with a man of the Rowan Clan, of her desperate desire to make sure her daughter survives and her final decision to break the Gate, trapping everyone who goes in Anieth.

The Burning Bride is 200 pages, softcover, with backgrounds explaining much of the anthropology of Anieth. It will appeal to fans who want to see the beginning of the story. Available in December 2019 for $35.00-40.00.

Moonspine Moonspine is a traditional mystery tale with the trial of Queen Cuadhe of the Veldonaccii for killing her husband. It begins with the journey of Cuadhe to the East to meet her cousin, Teig and attend the election of her brother, Tuama, to the Aspen Throne where she murders Teig's cousin, a half-breed. She meets Garn there, who returns with her to Dumona to be her future husband. After Cuadhe's initiation and election, Garn is killed and Cuadhe suspects a half-blood son of the last king. She cannot prove her story, for she is an adept at reading and influencing thoughts. She must rely upon the testimony of a small boy whose mother is an evil witch.

Moonspine is 200 pages, softcover, with spreads showing different characters and their arguments in the trial. It will appeal to mystery lovers. Available in March 2022 for $35.00-40.00.

Black Sun Black Sun is told by Stan Agalli, one of the sons of the evil witch, Calli. It is the tale of Stan's brother, Hav, who has married Cuadhe's daughter, Briau. Unknown to everyone, Briau never passed her initiation, but the Holly, distracted by civil war, do not know that she got a child by a commoner whom she has killed. Returning to Dumona, Briau marries Hav and promptly sends most of the warriors of the Veldonaccii to the aid of Ula in the East who is fighting off the Zelosians. Only Briau and Hav know that all of warriors will be killed. What Hav does not know is that others will come out of the Massacre of the Moon, one of them a young shape-shifting witch, who will win the hearts of Hav and Stan both. Briau begins to kill off anyone who might defy her rule and faces off with Kileen.

Black Sun is 200 pages, softcover, with side illustrations of the different customs of the Horse People. A dark book with murder, this may be for older children. Available in December 2025 for $35.00-40.00.

Drakkis Drakkis is the story of Peter Shields's attempts to rescue his friend, Bob Gallanis, from Anieth. It follows Raol's journey to Zelosia where he loses his arm saving the young Korutos, and Korutos's beginnings as a Lord of Zelos. It follows the rise of Marsyas to his appointment as Commander of the Decian League and his fall before the Rose Queen and her patron, Arn Rí. As the Zelosian invasion advances, Peter attempts to jog the memories of all the players trapped in Anieth.

Drakkis is 200 pages, softcover, with information on the Classical Bronze Age (Troy). This adventure will appeal to any who like nested worlds. Available in May 2023 for $35.00-40.00.

Wings of Gallanis The Wings of Gallanis is the second part of Kileen's story. She arrives in Nava to a series of murders, mocking the murders that had taken place in Dumona ten year before. All the evidence points to Kileen, who is haunted by Faol in the shapes of animals trying to rescue her. But before all this stand Korutos, Maker of the Peace, faced again with his worst nightmares in the form of his true love's daughter. Arrayed against him are three witches of great power, determined to see him fall.

The Wings of Gallanis is 200 pages, softcover, showing many of the customs of Zelosia and the Horse People. It is another mystery on a darker note. Available in May 2024 for $35.00-40.00.

Mirrormere Mirrormere tells the story of Diana Gallanis and Edna Shields and Sasha Greshenko, the children of people who have vanished in Anieth. Diana is angry and leads the other two younger ones through the Gate where Sasha disappears. Diana finds that she can take on any form she chooses and she flies through Anieth, wrecking havoc where she can in her favorite form: the May Queen, Uafásach. Edna, who has learned of Anieth through books begins the long search for the boy she admires, Brian Abernathy, and finally finds him with the Holly. Tormented by Diana, Edna finds herself faced with doubles of herself and a maze of deceit and intrigue that should lead to the ruin of the Alliance and the deaths of Edna, Brian and Geoff.

Mirrormere is 200 pages, softcover, with more on the Earth/Anieth magical connections. Some dark situations, for older children, young adult. Available in December 2026 for $35.00-40.00.

These books are priced higher than most comic books. They are printed locally in small quantities and not in Asia by the millions. They are also on high quality paper with good bindings and will hold up to years of wear. They are pretty enough to be coffee table books.

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